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Title: Ecstasy Masochistic
Fandom: Umineko no Naku Koro ni
Claim: Beatrice (x everyone)
Prompt: #8 A Long Road
Characters/Pairings: Beatrice x Erika Furudo
Rating: PG
Summary: Erika adores her master, enjoys her rival but what of the great Beatrice?


Bernkastel, Bernkastel, Bernkastel.
Her master. How she loved her master.

She was prepared to die for her, she was prepared to fight for her.
She had no choice, if Bernkastel wanted to kill her, she would.
Erika was fine with that. If I fail I deserve to be punished!

"Beatrice," Erika stated as she gazed down at the catatonic woman.
Where was Battler now?
Battler Ushiromiya. Battler Ushiromiya. Battler Ushiromiya.
That man! How dare he best the great Erika Furudo? Even once! Even that was disgraceful.
Shouldn't you hit me, master? Haven't I failed you?
Because of him! Battler Ushiromiya!
No... not just him... Beatrice... that faceless name.

Of course she had a face! Erika was looking right at it!
But she had heard a lot of who Beatrice had been.
"Beatrice," Erika repeated slowly.

A sudden anger boiled over in her.
Why? Why? Why? WHY?
Why was nothing going right?
Shouldn't Battler be no match for the great Erika Furudo?
Was it because of Beatrice?
Battler loves Beatrice.
Battler loves Beatrice.
The man who defeated you, he loves her.

That anger spilled over into her fist and she raised it, not thinking, blinded with rage.
She slammed down as hard as she could on the catatonic woman and then stopped.
What? What was she expecting? For Beatrice to get up and be angry?
To torture her as she had tortured Battler?
Battler is hers to torture though!
Then a high, feral laugh escaped her mouth and she was fumbling to keep her hands over her mouth to try and quiet it.
But that was useless. Her insane, joyful laugh could not be contained.
Was, was, was!
You useless sack! You're nothing anymore!
You no longer carry even the name of Beatrice, endless witch!

"Then why does Battler still love me?" A voice seemed to call.

Erika looked at the lifeless body she had hit.
It had certainly said nothing.
But who?
Was that not Beatrice that had spoken?
Surely... surely...

"Why? Why is that?" Erika wondered allowed.
She smirked.
It was a mystery.
And Erika Furudo was great at mysteries.
But she had no need to solve it.
Why did Battler love Beatrice still?
That didn't matter. The only thing that mattered was making sure he didn't.

"With my superior intellect and brain I shall make than man fall in love with me, Beatrice!" Erika challenged.
"You aren't even his type."

Erika spun around and the whole garden seemed frozen.
It seemed the wind had stopped howling and the rain had stopped falling.
The only sound, the only movement was the gathering of a dozen golden butterflies.

"W-WHAT?" Erika burst, "You... you..."

In a flash, Beatrice materialized.
Erika looked from the doll like Beatrice to the one standing before her in the very same veranda.
Impossible, impossible, impossible, impossible-

"A flat chested child like you? Battler could never go for someone like you! Kyahahahaha!"

That laugh...!
Erika clamped her hands to her head so she only heard blood thumping in her ears.
Bernkastel! Bernkastel, master! What is happening?
I know I shouldn't have come here! I'm sorry!
I'm sorry! Please help me, master!

"What a pitiful creature Bernkastel has dug up," Beatrice snickered,
"Almost at tears because she is forced to stand before me."

Erika ripped her hands from her head and glared at the woman who surely must not be Beatrice.
Beatrice was nearly dead!
And yet Beatrice fooled you on the game board, did she not?
Together they make a great pair don't they?

"I won't fall for such a terrible illusion," Erika scoffed,
"After all I am the great Erika Furudo, genius detective!"
She met 'Beatrice's eyes but found her resolve waning.

"Ohhhh? Is that right?" Beatrice smirked,
"I've seen you fall for simpler tricks, girl."

Erika turned her head, "So you admit this is a trick?"

"If that is your genius way of detecting then I am sorely disappointed," Beatrice sighed,
"What a useless girl. Bernkastel's standards must be really low!! Kyahahaha!"

Spinning around on her heels, Erika slapped the comatose Beatrice.
Her anger bubbled over as she did it and repeated the act.
Once, smack! Twice, smack! Thrice, smack!
The 'Beatrice' behind her gave a high, gloating laugh and Erika felt shaken with anger.

She spun around again and faced 'Beatrice'.
"Erika, was it?" Beatrice asked coolly, "You fancy that boy as an intellectual combatant, do you not?
You believe he is a match for your superb wit?"

Erika bit her lip and continued to glare at 'Beatrice'.
This must be a test from Lady Bernkastel or Lady Lambdadelta,
I'll do my best, against such an illusion there is no way I can loose!

"Ah, how long before Bernkastel throws you aside?" Beatrice giggled,
"Do you not know of the fate of her previous piece? You'll never replace her... or me for that matter."
'Beatrice' turned on her heels and and looked into the lonely garden.
She raised her hand and a dozen shimmering butterflies appeared before materializing into a golden pipe.

"Beatrice," Erika hissed, "You have already lost. Lady Bernkastel will win this game and I shall help her!"

"Me? Lost? My dear foolish girl. This was a most desirable outcome, was it not?" Beatrice said as she turned back to face the girl.
She wore a catty grin and Erika wanted to smack this 'Beatrice' to wipe it away.
"Battler is fighting so that I may be his opponent once again, correct? He wishes to have nothing to do with you or Bernkastel."
'Beatrice' paused and tapped her pipe lightly in front of her.
When she did so, golden butterlfies began to multiply outside the gazebo they stood at.
"And I doubt he ever will," Beatrice added boredly at the end.

"No, you'll see, witch," Erika grinned, "Battler will definitely fall in love with me! I promise you that!"

"I doubt he ever will," Beatrice repeated as the butterflies continued to multiply.
When Beatrice cast a wayward glance at them, Erika too noticed that so many had gathered.

Erika grinned madly as if she had really gone insane, "L-Lady Bernkastel! I understand now! I'll definitely do better!"

"You think I am a pawn of hers? An illusion of Lady Bernkastel's?" Beatrice asked, clearly bemused.
Now she turned so she faced Erika completely.
The girl felt a cold terror wash over her.
But something else.
A sort of awe and excitement.

"D-Dlanor! Dlanor! I command you to come here! T-Take care of this menace!" Erika hissed.
But no one came.

Beatrice closed her eyes, "It's just you and me, Erikaaaaa!"

Erika's hands balled into fists and she found herself biting her tongue and holding back tears.
This wasn't right!
Why? Why? She's practically dead! This can't be her!
"You... aren't the endless witch anymore! You aren't Beatrice anymore!!" Erika screamed, "You're gone! GONE!"

Two of the butterflies transformed, which Erika caught out of the corner of her eye.
But by the time she could see what they were, they zoomed forward, ripping into her skin.
She bit down on her tongue again, resisting the urge to cry out as the stakes dug into her body.

"Gone! Gone!" Erika cried delightfully, "You can't be Beatrice!"
'Beatrice' opened one eye and asked, "Then who am I?"
"You..." Erika began.

'Beatrice' raised the pipe and two more butterflies transformed and shot through the gazebo.
They look like sparks because they go so fast.
One stake dug into her chest, the other into her leg.
There was already one lodged in her arm and another in her side.
Blood was spilling to the ground now but she couldn't fall down, she couldn't even move.
Lady Bernkastel! If this is what you want... I'll accept this! For you Lady Bernkastel!

"Is that all... Beatrice? Is that the extent of your 'magic'?" Erika laughed. She looked bewildered.
Beatrice smirked. She extended her pipe again and the butterflies transformed and shot through the gazebo in zigzags before piercing Erika.
The thigh, the back.
More blood spilled to the ground, now dripping steadily.
Her dress was tearing and the stakes remained lodged in her body.
Infact, they almost seemed to be twisting and trying to dig deeper into her.
"Hahahahaha! Is that all? This... is pathetic! More... really! From you, if... this is defeating you then... I'll take this all!" Erika cried happily.

"What a defective piece," Beatrice giggled, "Kyahahahahaha!"

Two more butterflies shot from the glowing golden mass. The whole gazebo was alight now.
The neck, the stomach.
That's a lot of blood, isn't it?
This hurts, doesn't it?
"No, this doesn't hurt... at all," Erika smirked as she lowered her head.
Please more, please, I can take some more!
If this is what Lady Bernkastel wants, I'll take some more of this Beatrice's tortureeee!

"Furudo Eriikaaaa!" Beatrice howled, laughing almost as happily as Erika appeared to be.
Erika bit her tongue, it was to keep from crying out.
The fact that she could withstand this... for Bernkastel's sake... was the greatest pleasure she could possibly know, she was sure.

"One day... I hope I meet the real you... Beatrice..." Erika smirked,
'Beatrice' lowered her pipe but she smiled victoriously, "because I'd really love to kill you... myself..."

'Beatrice' closed her eyes and lifted her pipe, upside down, and then opened her eyes,
"I'll definitely be the one to tear you to pieces when we do meet, Erikaaaa."

Erika closed her eyes, "Is that right? That... sounds fun too."
How long would that be? When?

"Goodbye, you useless piece," Beatrice said quietly smirking.
She flipped the pipe and a single butterfly shot from the glowing golden mass.
Erika saw it approach but when it hit her, square between the eyes, shattering her features, she felt the world drift away.

"Wake up you, useless piece."

Erika woke instantly to the cold, quiet voice.
A dream...? That's right! Of course! You're the great Erika Furudo, how could you be fooled that easily?
"Lady Bernkastel?" Erika asked quietly.

"We're playing," Bernkastel said as she drove her foot into her shoulder, "try to win this time."

Erika blinked her eyes. She was not in Beatrice's garden and gazebo.
She was sleeping beside a chair in the tearoom.
Of course she was.

Standing quickly, Erika received a head rush.
No, that's not it.
The warm coppery taste in her mouth sent chills throughout her body.
She had woken with blood in her mouth.

Somewhere she heard Lambdadelta begging Bernkastel for something but Erika did not listen.
She looked down at her clothes. No blood there.
I guess it really was just a dream.
Erika looked around the tearoom and sighed.
She was all alone again.

Wiping the blood from her mouth, she decided then.
Beatrice, I'll take everything from you. Battler, your title, your life, everything.
It'll be hard but I'll do it. But thank you... that was quite fun.

A/N: Ohhh I really hate Erika. That's why this probably made no sense or didn't really count as Beatrice x Erika. I really just wanted an excuse to have Beatrice beat Erika up. Sadly, I am still not finished EP5. So again, take with a pinch of salt because I just made this up as randomly as I could. Hopefully it's not too clashing with the original story. I'm not really impressed with this chapter cause it doesn't make a lot of sense and is all over the place so maybe I'll try redoing it later.
Tags: claim: beatrice, fandom: umineko no naku koro ni
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