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For girl/girl fanworks.

10 Lilies: A Femslash Challenge
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Welcome to 10lilies! This is a low-pressure challenge community in the style of 30_kisses and fanfic100, with some notable differences.

10lilies is for girl/girl (yuri, femslash, shoujo-ai, girlslash, saffic, whatever you know it as) fanfiction and fanart. You make a claim and then use the ten prompts to create fanworks based around your claim; the length, rating, etc. are up to you.

How it works:

1. Join/watch the community. ;D

2. Make a claim. (This isn't mandatory; watchers are more than welcome.) Claims can be from anime/manga, video games, TV shows, books, movies, whatever you like! There is currently a maximum of three claims per person, though this may be subject to change.

3. You can make a general series claim, a character/group of characters claim, or a pairing claim. However, only one person may hold each claim (for example, only one person can have Buffy the Vampire Slayer, general series).

4. After you've joined the community and made your claim, you write/draw something inspired by each prompt, then post it to the community where others leave feedback and your entry is archived in the memories.

5. Each fanwork posted should be for one prompt, meaning that for each claim, ten fanworks will be posted in all. Then when you're done, comment here to be added to the Hall of Fame (ooh, exciting). ♥


1) This is a challenge community for yuri/femslash claims only. That means that every fanfic/fanart posted should contain at least implied girl/girl content, though how explicit it is is up to you, the poster.

2) Use LJ cuts for all submissions.

3) You must warn for content. Dark and sexual themes, for example, are fine as long as appropriately warned for.

4) AUs are fine. The minimum wordcount is 100 words, and there is no upper limit. Unfortunately, RPS/RPF is not allowed. Sorry!

5) When posting, please only post one submission per post for the purposes of archiving in the memories.

6) Please use the following format when posting, or something similar:

The Themes:

1. Unexpected news
2. Raincloud
3. Peace and war
4. A keepsake
5. Lucky
6. Good intentions
7. Quiet
8. A long road
9. Secrets
10. Loyalty

Any suggestions or questions? Ask here.

Ready to claim? Leave a comment on this post.

Finally, if you would like to drop a claim, please comment here.