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Title: Love is Always Last
Fandom: Umineko no Naku Koro ni
Claim: Beatrice (x everyone)
Prompt: #10 Loyalty
Characters/Pairings: Beatrice x Natsuhi Ushiromiya
Rating: PG
Summary: How can you resist someone who is willing to do everything and anything for you?

It was pretty early. Krauss had gone off to work, Kinzo was feeling ill but in his study and Jessica was off to school.
As usual, Natsuhi Ushiromiya was alone.

But she was completely used to it.
Of course she was. As the wife and mother it was her duty to be alone.

Occasionally, as she walked around the great mansion she would stop and talk to the servants.
But they were usually too busy to talk to her.

Things were different now.
Natsuhi wasn't as lonely anymore.

And now that her husband and daughter were off it meant a little private time.

As she headed from the first floor to the guest room she thought about that.
Of course she loved Jessica. Of course she loved Krauss.
Sometimes she wondered if he loved her back but she still loved him.
But it always seemed to Natsuhi that she and him weren't comparable.
Like she didn't measure up.
She didn't. He was an Ushiromiya. She was... not.

So there was a kind of love she could only get somewhere else.
Somewhere where she felt accepted and loved entirely.
Ushiromiya or not.

Looking around to see if there were any servants around, there wasn't, Natsuhi slipped into the guest room quiet as a mouse.
It was dark so she quickly stumbled forward and turned on the light closest to the bed. "Are you...?"
"Here? Of course I am, my dear."

The voice startled her and she stumbled forward again.
But this time she was caught and embraced.

"Did I scare you? Ahaha, I'm sorry," Beatrice said as she released Natsuhi.
Natsuhi looked away embarrassedly.

"N-no, you didn't," she mumbled awkwardly.

"Natsuhi, I'm a master at reading people. You can't lie to me," Beatrice said as she plopped onto the bed.
Natsuhi sat down beside her and nodded subserviently.

"Were you waiting long?" Natsuhi asked quietly.
Beatrice shook her head, "No, not really."
"Sorry, some of the servants needed my opinion on something and I wanted to walk Jessica to the boat," Natsuhi looked down.
"Did you?"
"No, she said I didn't need to trouble myself," Natsuhi sighed.

Beatrice sat up and frowned childishly, "You're upset now, aren't you?"
Natsuhi quickly looked up and shook her head.

"I think I can probably cheer you up," Beatrice said mischievously as they grabbed onto Natsuhi and pulled her down onto the bed.
Despite herself, Natsuhi giggled.

"Is that all you think about?" Natsuhi asked playfully as Beato rested her head on Natsuhi's chest.
Beato looked up and gave Natsuhi her best hurt puppy dog face, "What? Are you saying you don't like it?"

Natsuhi became flushed.
How could she put it it properly?
She was raised to marry and have children and do her wifely duties.
She had been raised to think that happiness and passion should be the last things on her mind.
She knew she had disappointed her husband numerous times.
Her husband was not passionate or affectionate.
Plus, it was entirely uncomfortable to be with a man who seemed he was always disappointed with you and not equal.

But with Beatrice?
Well it was entirely wrong!
Two women, one married to the highly respected head of an important family and one entirely respected and important on her own?
What could be more inappropriate than that!
So it was wrong. Totally. Natsuhi knew that.
But it felt so good.
Beatrice could be passionate and loving and understanding and treated her like they were the same.
Even if it was wrong, Natsuhi loved every second they spent together.
She craved every touch and desired her more than she had for anything she had ever known. And Natsuhi wanted to justify it more than anything.
So that it didn't seem like she was cheating on her family or doing something totally abnormal.
But Beatrice had taken care of that.

After all, Natsuhi wasn't stupid. When Beatrice had first appeared before her Natsuhi had known her to be the Beatrice that Kinzo spoke of.
Beatrice had told her that she was the very essence of the One-Winged Eagle.
And because Beatrice accepted her and wanted her, Natsuhi could finally be realized as worthy.
That had been, and was, good enough for Natsuhi.

"No," Natsuhi said suddenly, "I love it."

Beatrice smiled and Natsuhi already knew she had anticipated that answer.
"Good," Beatrice said as she sat up.
She was sitting on Natsuhi's waist with her legs tucked tightly beneath her.

Beatrice pulled off her jacket and flung it to the floor.
She pulled off her stockings and flung them somewhere in the same direction as the jacket.

She then leaned down closer to Natsuhi's face and kissed her.
Beatrice felt Natsuhi tremble with anticipation and a smile creep onto her face so she pulled away.
"Oh! You give me grief but you're just as naughty!" Beato giggled.

"S-Sorry," Natsuhi said with a sheepish smile.
Beato leaned forward again and kissed her forehead, "That's okay. I like you that way."
"Really," Beatrice said with a huff, "Jeez, are you so self-depreciating?"
Natsuhi giggled, "A little, yes."

Beatrice sighed and rolled them over so Natsuhi was on top of her.
"Well it's a good thing I do enough appreciating of you for the both of us," she smirked.

Natsuhi felt Beatrice's hand slid to her back and she trembled again.
This time she kissed Beato and felt her smile.

"We need to do something about getting you out of this dress," Beatrice said with a frown as Natsuhi lifted her again.
"We do?" She asked playfully.

"We do." Beato said firmly as Natsuhi sat up so Beato's legs were behind her.
It didn't take them long to pull most of Natsuhi's clothes off.

Natsuhi pulled Beato into another kiss and rolled over again. "Maybe you should take your shirt off too, trade for trade," she said with a sly smirk.
"Why, Natsuhi Ushiromiya, I believe you're being a little too forward there!" Beatrice teased.
"I thought you liked that," Natsuhi teased back.

Beatrice smiled. Of course she really liked Natsuhi.
She loved teasing her when she couldn't see her.
But she really liked her when she stopped acting high and mighty and totally cold.
The fun and shy Natsuhi was the Natsuhi she loved best.

"You have no idea," Beatrice said as Natsuhi pulled her skirt down with her knees (a feat that thoroughly amazed Beatrice).
Natsuhi smiled and Beatrice quickly met her lips again.

They seemed to melt together with Beatrice's hands exploring the woman's body over and over,
never loosing interest in the curves and contours over her finely-shaped body.

So it was a little surprising when Beatrice broke off. "Ah crap, I have to go," she sighed.
"We didn't even get that far. Hmph. That's okay. I'll make it up to you. I'll do that thing you really like. I promise. Tomorrow, okay?" Beatrice said as she slid off of Natsuhi.
Natsuhi didn't seem convinced, "Okay..."

Beatrice was dressed in a second and Natsuhi just sat and watched.
So when Beatrice saw that she hadn't gotten up to go get ready she frowned.

She gathered up Natsuhi's clothes and plopped them onto the bed.
"Come on, come one, you gotta get dressed too," Beatrice said with a wink.

"I suppose," Natsuhi sighed. She pulled on her blouse and started doing it up when Beatrice knocked her hands away and did it up herself.
Her hand brushed against Natsuhi's chest, lingering for a few seconds and then apologizing half-heartedly before doing the rest up.
When she reached the top button she leaned forward, cupped her face and kissed her long and hard.
When she felt the heat returning to her face, Beatrice smiled and pulled away.

"Tomorrow," Natsuhi said sternly, "Promise."

"Promise." Beatrice said as she turned away.
Natsuhi blinked and the witch was gone in a flurry of gold butterflies.

Natsuhi inhaled and smiled giddily like she was a schoolgirl again.
She fell back on the bed and sighed deeply. She probably stayed there for
a couple minutes before getting up to get dressed and straitening herself out.

Locking the door behind her, Natsuhi left the guest room.

She had made sure she was as presentable as when she had went in and wasn't flushed. As much.
She had also tidied the room but that hadn't been hard.

But her thoughts were elsewhere and when she turned she ran smack into Kumasawa.
"Ah, Mrs. Natsuhi! I'm so sorry!" She began hurriedly.
"No, it's me. I'm sorry, I should have watched where I was going," Natsuhi said with a curt nod of her head.
Kumasawa smiled, "It's okay, Mrs. Natsuhi. I'm glad to see you're in such high spirits. No headache today, ma'am?"
"No, actually," Natsuhi said with a dreamy smile.
"Well, I really must be off," Kumasawa said as she scuttled along. She called back, "I'm glad you had fun!"
And Natsuhi was sure her entire face turned cherry red.
"Natsuhi? As in aunt Natsuhi? My aunt Natsuhi?" battler asked incredously.
Beatrice nodded her head smugly. "Yep," she said as she stretched her arms out above her.
"My aunt. Natsuhi. Jessica's mother. Auntie Natsuhi," Battler said as he looked down at his hands in shock.
Beatrice cackled. "Kyahahahaha!" She said as she leaned forward laughing. "Oh, she was rather good too. Kyahahaha!"
The witch just laughed on.

A/N: So. Terrible.I am ashamed.
Tags: claim: beatrice, fandom: umineko no naku koro ni
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