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FIC. Mortal Stampede, PG

Title: Mortal Stampede
Fandom: Umineko no Naku Koro ni
Claim: Beatrice (x everyone)
Prompt: #3 Peace and War
Characters/Pairings: Beatrice x Ange Ushiromiya
Rating: PG
Summary: Beato may think Battler is cute but an even angrier little sister takes the cake.

"Why don't you just die?"

Ange looked at the ground but her eyes quickly went back to the witch. Looking away, looking down, that was a sign of weakness. That was something she would not show the witch! "Before... I would have loved that chance. I would have begged your furniture to free me from this life." She said, determination bubbling in her voice.

"Ohhhh?" Beatrice said with a mocking giggle, "How about right now? How about it, Gretel?! I'll end it all for you right now!!"

Ange Ushiromiya scoffed. Beatrice frowned. It reminded her of Battler's laugh. Everything about her was the same as him. She chuckled at the thought. Maybe Battler was in love with the thought of himself? Ange turned her head, "If it's to protect my brother from an evil witch like you, I'll fight to the end. Count on that."

"The thought of playing with you and Battler for the rest of eternity sounds delightful! You want to play with me, Angeeee?" Beato asked. She waltzed forward and grabbed Ange by the hands. She spun her around and the two broke away from each other. Ange looked a little confused but Beatrice just smiled. "I wouldn't mind. I'll break you, Ushiromiya Angeeeeee!"

Ange closed her eyes. She stepped forward and opened them again. She would play this game and win. She offered her hand, quick and elegantly. She smiled, despite herself, at Beatrice's confused expression. "I would love to see you try, Beatrice." Ange said as a smirk appeared on the witch's face.

Outside the window, the sky was black. Ange had never noticed what it looked like outside the small tearoom. She had never bothered with it.

Beatrice took her hand and curtsied. "I'll lead you to your death, I'll humiliate you and make you wallow in despair!" Beatrice cackled as she put her arm around Ange's waist and spun her to the open space beside the large door. Ange moved as flawlessly although she had to work not to trip on Beatrice's gown.

"Hmph. Are you nothing but talk, you old hag witch?" Ange spat. They moved side to side, an angry yet graceful display.

"Ohhh? How should I devour you, Angeeeee? I'll let you decide!!" Beatrice cackled as she dipped Ange back, their waltz starting to speed up.

Ange shook her head, "You disgusting witch. If you will not fight seriously, why not give up and release my family?" She glared at the witch as their movements slowed. She felt Beato's hand, warm and soft on her back and shuddered.

"I am being serious, my dear girl!" Beatrice smiled. She looked down directly into her eyes and Ange was forced to look away, "I fight seriously on the gameboard and in bed. Believe me, Ushirmoya Ange, I have defeated your brother in both." Ange grunted, so the witch continued. Beatrice lightly spun, her opponent defenselessly in her arms. She dipped ange back and an evil smile spread across her face. "If you would like to test that, I will take you right here and now."

Ange growled and looked down, slightly embarrassed and said, "I-I won't back down."

Another victory for the golden witch.
Tags: claim: beatrice, fandom: umineko no naku koro ni
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