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FIC. Cookie, PG

Eh, I couldn't think of a very good idea for unexpected news so I just had a surprise re-meeting. I guess that would work. I haven't played ep4 but Gaap always seemed playful so I figured she'd sorta have 'that' sort of personality.

(I hope I tagged it right)

Title: Cookie
Fandom: Umineko no Naku Koro ni
Claim: Beatrice (x everyone)
Prompt: #1 Unexpected News
Characters/Pairings: Beatrice x Gaap
Rating: PG
Summary: Gaap is just one of the many people who like to tease Beatrice but how many others know how to shut up an angry witch?

Without saying another word Ronove lowered the platter to the table. Beatrice gave a curt nod but did not thank him. Silently, he slid away into the darkness of the tearoom. It wasn't rare for Beatrice to want tea alone and there was no doubt in the butler's mind that she was sulking and taking her tea alone because of her recent spat with Battler. Where ever he was now, Ronove was unsure. Probably 'playing' with the Stakes.

Beatrice looked down at her tea and sighed. She didn't like when she made Battler mad. But it seemed that it happened so very often. She frowned. What was wrong with him? He just didn't appreciate her great sense of humor! He was always flying off the handle over the littlest things.

"Havin' tea by yourself? That seems mighty unlike you."

Beatrice looked up. That annoying voice, how could she not remember her? A troublemaker if ever there was one, Beatrice knew. But what was she doing here? What was she doing in Beatrice's space? The nerve of her!

"Hmph." Beatrice said, her cheeks puffing out.

"Not happy to see me around? You always were unfriendly." Gaap giggled as she waltzed past Beatrice and took a seat directly across from her. Beatrice clenched her teacup a little more forcefully but held her compusure nicely.

Beatrice closed her eyes, she was used to dealing with annoying people it would seem lately. She opened them again quickly and grinned, "Oh? Whatever have you done to not make me happy to see you, Gaaap?"

"That's exactly what I thought!" Gaap smirked and took a cookie from the plate between them. "But what could I have done that would make you miss me?"

"It's a mystery in itself, isn't it?" Beatrice said as she took another sip of tea.

Gaap shoved another cookie in her mouth, chomping on it in a most unladylike way. "Ronove still makes good cookies, as I thought." Gaap said (although much less understandably with a mouth full of cookie) as Beatrice put the teacup down softly on it's saucer. It made a small click and she kept her eyes on it, not wanting to look at the obnoxious demon across from her. "So I also heard you has a lil' human pet 'round here someplace. Was that a lie?"

"You can not expect a revered being like myself to deal with boredom easily. A human to play with has been fun. Although he's off having a fit somewhere right now." Beatrice said as she looked down through the doorway leading out of the tearoom.

Gaap stood up, a cooking hanging from her mouth. She pulled it out and waved it at Beatrice deliberately. "You need to teach him some discipline. Who's the boss 'round here? The great and might Beatrice of course. Heh, if only that were true, right?" Gaap said as her voice changed from enthused to barely hiding her malicious intent.

Beatrice clenched her fist. "Why don't you just shut your trap, you idiot demon." She said as she grinded her teeth.

The demon swallowed the cookie, gulped and smiled. "Oh? Have I touched a nerve?" Gaap sang as she waltzed back over to Beatrice's side. "Because a little human has taken hold over you? Because you're so powerless against him? Powerless Beato, losing to a human! Loosing to her heart! Kikikikikiki! It has su~ch a pleasant ring to it! Don'tcha think? Kikikiki!" Gaap laughed as Beatrice jumped to her feet, smiling as if she were insane but with anger clearly written all over her demeanour.

"Why you...!!" Beatrice stammered, too angry to think of something to make the demon stop teasing. She wasn't in the mood for hearing anything close to truth.

Gaap strode back to the table as Beatrice glared at her, ready to strangle her. "It won't matter soon anyways. You know why I'm here, don't you? Of course you do. That's what's got you so down?" Gaap asked as she tilted her head and smiled. Her voice betrayed that smile, though.

"The game..."

"You're going to loose, you know that?"

Beatrice stomped her feet, closed her eyes and shook her head. "Y-You...!"

Gaap swiped a cookie form the plate and popped it in her mouth. She grabbed Beatrice's hand and hurried forward, meeting the cookie to Beato's mouth. The witch opened her eyes in surprise and looked down at Gaap who still leaned forward, holding the cooking in place with her own mouth. Beatrice flushed embarrassedly and Gaap let go, leaving the treat suspended in Beatrice's mouth. She took one last chance while she was so close to the witch's face to look into those devious and knowing eyes before dancing backwards, leaving Beatrice both shut up and flustered.

"You're always too fun, Beato. I'll go easy on you, kay?" Gaap said with a smile as she leaned back on the door frame. "But until that time, why don't you just let Ronove fatten you up? Kikikiki!" The demon said, disappearing instantly afterwards and leaving Beatrice to remember how mad she was, cookie still hanging from mouth.

She shoved the treat in her mouth and hoped Ronove hadn't seen.
Tags: claim: beatrice, fandom: umineko no naku koro ni
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